Innovating for a safer aquatic environment!


Welcome to our story! What started off with simple beginnings as lifeguards has turned into a life that I would have never imagined. My first Lifeguard (LG) certification lasted only 6 hours, with a take home final. I hope you re-read that. We did not know how wrong that was or what kind of situation we were just put in. About 2 months later our boss (one of the best in the whole world) asked us a simple question at an in-service. How many breaths to compressions do we give an infant? We did not know. We were then put into a proper LG class and learned what we needed to. Situations like this kept occurring around myself and Kelsey. Finally as seniors in college, we felt it was time to be a better resource for the pools we were around. Our LGI (Lifeguard Instructor) certification came along. It then snowballed...hard. From LG to Technical Rescue training, We kept pushing ourselves to be an asset people could count on. Someone to give insight into “why” we do things and not because “I said so.” We are always learning, and that is what we pass on!

The Riverwalkers goal is to provide the highest quality training and knowledge while making it easy to understand for everyone!! From front desk staff to guards all the way to engineers and aquatics directors!

Riverwalkers does not stop there! We also offer Scuba courses, Freediving, equipment servicing and plenty more!